"Thank you JamesPaul, for giving me a new pair of legs! I had problems with pulled calf muscles for two years and had given up on running.  I admit I was skeptical, but your work was far different from anything I had ever experienced.  Your work allowed me to resume running, an integral part of my life that I thought was lost forever."  --Assistant District Attorney 

"JamesPaul listened beyond my complaints and pain.  He helped me to discover what was really going on.  His compassion and commitment to my well-being are trulya springboard for me!" --Executive Assistant

"For three years, I suffered with back, hip, and leg pain and was chronically tired.  I had seen two chiropractors, two orthopedics, and seven neurosurgeons.  I tried yoga, trigger point techniques, and massage.  Nothing worked! ...After 5 minutes with JamesPaul, he noticed and began to treat major imbalances in my body, areas the doctors never noticed.  After two treatments, 80% of my pain was eased, my stride was effortless, my appetite returned, and I awokefully rested!  I was so impressed with my relief and return to normal function.  During my third treatment, JamesPaul began to work on my head and neck; immediately I felt less stressed, and began breathing deeper and easier.  I felt alert and energized.  That feeling has stayed with me...after 5 weeks, I am still noticing an increase in both performance and quality of life." --Information Technology  Consultant

"When I started to see JamesPaul, my major complaints were low back and knee pain, frequent headaches, and severe fatigue.  Three sessions later, my headaches were gone - never to return!  Three more sessions and my back was 90% better.  In only one treatment, my low back pain and my concerns were gone. While JamesPaul was treating my neck and shoulders, I mentioned that I often had jaw pain and had learned to live with the constant popping and pain.  Within four treatments, my jaw was opening effortlessly and without any pain! ...I've recovered an increased level of energy that I thought had been lost forever.  I'm experiencing more vitality than I have in years." --Insurance Agent 

"Before I saw JamesPaul for the first time, I was suffering with ankle, knee, and low back pain.  I was in a downward spiral, wondering if I would ever be able to do the things I enjoyed the most.  JamesPaul listened, watched, and explained how it was all connected. He started by addressing the imbalance and compensations.  As the muscles and trigger points were released, I started to feel better immediately.  I could feel my balance being immedicately restored, and I knew I was on the right track.  Stress disappeared; my self-esteem went up.  Every aspect of working with JamesPaul has been extraordinary, especially in its effect on my quality of life." --NBA Assistant Head Basketball Coach

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend without hesitation JamesPaul Newlin.  On two separate occasions, I was told by medical doctors that the only alternative for treatment of my condition was surgery.  JamesPaul's treatments completely relieved my pain without the trauma and risk of surgery. I have recommended JamesPaul to several friends and colleagues, and they have uniformly reported great success and satisfaction with the treatments received.  One particularly impressive case involved a woman with intractable headaches; she had been unsuccessfully managed by an array of medical doctors.  With just a few treatments from JamesPaul, she reported that, for the first time in years, she as pain free! JamesPaul's treatments are conservative and physiologically sound.  From a risk benefit analysis, it only makes sense to seek a consultation from JamesPaul before undergoing far more radical, and often less effective, treatment options." --Attorney

"Thank you for the wonderful and healing experience.  Everyone I talk to can't believe how great they feel.  Thank you again and we all look forward to seeing you soon."  --HR Director

"I couldn't believe it when the physician's assistant told me that I was 5 foot 9 inches, because I had been 5 foot 8 inches for years.  This happened shortly after I started receiving neuro-muscular therapy from JamesPaul Newlin.  I highly recommend it.  I have gone to massage therapists for years, but they touched only the surface  of my muscular tension.  Neuro-muscular therapy gets through the layers of years of built up emotional baggage and stress.  I found myself energized and feeling very light.  I had forgotten how good "light" can feel." -- Publisher, Hepatitis Magazine

"After suffering long-term pain and partial immobility in my neck for eight years resulting from a sports injury, JamesPaul Newlin was able to restore a complete range of motion in my neck, as well as remove the pain.  What is remarkable about this restoration is that it took only one visit and remains to this day.  I am a professional musician and JamesPaul was sensitive to the specific muscle groups involved with my particular instrument, the bassoon.  He was able to concentrate on neuromuscular treatment relevant to my breathing apparatus, playing position and most beneficial, jaw placement and treatment of specific jaw pain.  JamesPaul's recommendation to "keep breathing" has helped me to counter stress as well as provide a firm foundation for continuing my career as a wind instrumentalist. JamesPaul has helped me and my career immeasurably and I highly recommend his work and his approach to stress reduction to everyone. -- Bassoonist - The Florida Orchestra

"Following a bike accident I had as a teenager, I suffered from headaches, neck, shoulder and jaw pain, lack of energy and an inability to concentrate.  After completing allergy therapy and conservative TMJ Dysfunction treatment, both for headaches, only the jaw pain disappeared.  Aches and pains were going to be a way of life for me until I was introduced to neuromuscular therapy, ten years later.  After visiting JamesPaul Newlin, my headaches were less intense, the neck and shoulder pain disappeared, and I had more energy which helped my concentration.  I am a clarinetist and JamesPaul helped reduce the stress in the muscles pertinent to clarinet playing, which are also the muscles used in speech and swallowing.  In addition to playing and teaching clarinet, I am employed as a diabetic dietitian.  I give lectures, group classes, and counsel diabetics which all incorporate a great deal of speaking.  Finally, neuromuscular therapy applied to my neck has been very important in maintaining the balance and alignment of my jaw. JamesPaul's recommendation to "keep breathing" has been very beneficial to my clarinet playing, to my teaching and in coping with everyday stress.  I highly recommend his work to everyone. 
--Clinical Dietitian

"I was referred to JamesPaul after having undergone 2 months of physical therapy for a back injury and achieving no significant improvement.  After just a few sessions my pain levels were reduced and my mobility greatly improved.  JamesPaul takes a comprehensive approach with his treatment plans which I found to be very beneficial to me in my recovery.  His commitment to helping his clients is exceptional." --Clinician Process Analyst

"I am a professional basketball player in the NBA.  I worked with JamesPaul during the summer off season to improve my lateral movement and flexibility.  To my own, and the coaches astonishment, I also gained an additional 4" to my vertical jump.  I continue to have regular maintenance sessions to keep fine tuned and feeling my best.  We tend to think that the only way to improve is to practice more and workout harder in the weight room.  Even though these are important obviously, having my body more balanced and freed of tight, restrictive muscles was vital.  Any athlete should see JP if they really want to perform at a higher level.  He can make that much of a difference." -- Former NBA player

"The first time I worked with JP I felt like he took a 20 lb. weight off my back.  We became fast friends and I relied on him nearly daily for the last 5 years of my career to keep performing at an all star caliber.  JP has the commitment, imagination and determination to support the people he works with be the best they can be." --1 of the top 50 greatest NBA players

"When I first started working with JamesPaul, I missed going to the Australian Open because of a knee injury that was not responding to conventional therapy. Immediately, JamesPaul noticed that my pelvis was the reason my leg was longer than the other.  In just 3 sessions, my pelvis was staying balanced and my knee responded immediately.  At that time I was 26, ranked 130th in the world, and had not won a tournament.  In the next 2 years I had risen to 75th and won my first tournament at age 28.  This would not have been possible without JamesPaul's fabulous assistance."
-- Professional woman tennis player

"My husband had been seeing JamesPaul for a couple of years because of some old back injuries suffered from over working when he owned a gym.  Now we are bestselling authors and take long book signing road trips.  One day I must have been suffering with a headache and my husband says I should go see JamesPaul.  Well, that was one of the most wonderful experiences ever.  I have done lots of seminars and workshops with lots of top people, and that one hour with JamesPaul was like I had spent an entire weekend in a transformational seminar.  His focus, attention to detail, and probing questions allowed me to transform my relationship to my body.  It was one of the best hours I have ever spent anywhere doing anything.  WOW!" -- National bestselling author